How do I get slider bars to show when using CocoonJS?

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Post » Sat Jul 12, 2014 5:39 pm

Hi everyone,
I have an app (not a game) that uses the geo location function to do stuff. I have compiled it with CocoonJS (canvas+) and signed/zip aligned it with my automatic tool I made. (I am releasing it soon) It installs onto my Sony Zperia Z1 Compact fine and seems to run fine except for one thing. The slider bar and text input do not appear? Is this because CocoonJS does not support them? I have tried using webview+ when compiling but the app just shows a blank, white screen.

I know that I have the option of using crosswalk or phonegap because it isn't graphics intensive but do I really have to?

Thanks, Jaimyn.

I should have stated that I have already found that it isn't compatible but that was over a year ago. Are there any workarounds now?
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