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I have been experimenting with a method whereby my platformer collects points e.g 5,10, 15.
At each juncture, I am trying to popup with a message box and player just need to click on a ök button(sprite) to close and resume game.

It goes something like this
System - Score -5 - set time scale to 0
-create MessageBox(Sprite)
-create Messagetext
-create Ok(sprite)

Touch - On Touched - OK(sprite)
System-Global Variable - Life =1
- -->Ok -X is IsTouched(boolean) - Set Ok - IsTouched to True
- Set timescale to 1.0

System-Else -Set Ok - IsTouched to False
- Set timescale to 1.0

It only works for the first click. The next time it popups, when I click on OK, it doesnt work the same way first time.

Perhaps someone can let me know if there is a post here that I can refer to.

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