How do I Implement a joint in an object to become an arm?

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Post » Mon Jul 10, 2017 4:59 pm

thank you for taking the time reading this post, I would like to ask questions on how do I make my 2 objects (arm & forearm/hand) behave like an actual hand. I am currently making a 2D game in which the goal is for a character throw the ball in the basket. I have research on joints & pins and I tried to implement it on my game but unfortunately, The arm gets rips of in the body, weird arm movement, hand dislocated & and other more. :))) . I have 3 sprite that makes up for the character, 1 is the body 2 is the shoulder & biceps 3 is the forearm and hand.

I pin the hand to the ball and put a joint to the hand & shoulder so they would connect, and I created a invisible box in which it is position to the shoulder of the body. I'm sure my logic is incorrect, I tried figuring it out all day & research on physics and pins. I also browse other post about this but i came empty handed :(
I'm still a beginner in construct 2 :( sorry for the bad English.
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