How do I implement a Leaderbaord/Achievement Plugin?

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Post » Tue Sep 08, 2015 12:35 pm

This might be a bit of a n00b request, but I'd like clarity on the leaderboard and achievement options I have available for developing an HTML5 game.

In my short time with Construct 2 I've come across some names of Services (some that ship with plugins baked into C2) that can help you set up a leaderboard for your game. Names like Game Jolt, Nugplay, Clayio (which is currently not active). But it's not clear whether these services/plugins work only if your actual game is hosted on their site/service.

The Question:
What I don't quite understand is whether:
1) these services only work when integrated with their platform, and not if you're self hosting your game on your own server
2) these services can work for an HTML only game. Ie game I don't plan on publishing to Google Play or Apple

Can anyone shed some light here?

Nugplay seems to have issues, and so I tried Game Jolt. With Game Jolt it seems users have to have an account with the service already (no provision for signing up when playing), and the game needs to be running from the Game Jolt servers for the API to even work. Not ideal for what I'm looking for.

Does anyone have another service to suggest?

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