How do I import a .tmx from Tiled?

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Post » Tue Sep 05, 2017 3:21 am

When I hit the button in the timemap bar to "Load tilemap from .tmx file" (I've created one in Tiled), then in the dialog box's first field I select my .tmx file, I get the error:

Missing image on tileset
Construct 3 requires an image to be defined in the tileset

Anyone know what this is having a problem with?

Perhaps part of the issue is that I'm getting confused by the terminology. In Tiled, I created a map (a set of tiles arranged to make a playable game space) and that's what's saved as the .tmx. In order to make that, I made a tileset (saved as a .tsx) that has all the tiles I'm building with in it. In Construct, I create a tilemap object. Is the "tilemap" the equivalent of the map in Tiled, or the tileset? Best I can tell, the tilemap is the map, and the tilemap source image is the tileset? Does that sound right? Figured if I'm mixed up here, it might help me understand what's not working.
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