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Post » Sun Mar 01, 2015 10:36 am

Hi all,

In new versions of Construct (R195 and following) CocoonJS and other (e.g. Ejecta) plugins and export options are deprecated. Now there are only "on-board" Construct2 plugins left, e.g. IAP and iAd (or AdMob) and it's recommend to export your game via Cordova.

I am wondering though if the "on-board" C2 plugins (IAP and iAd) will be supported by CocoonJS (or Intel XDK) or if I still have to use the deprecated plugins?

Further if I can use them will those plugins be available when I export my game as simple "HTML5" and then use it for example in Cocoon (I know the recommend way is Exporting via Cordova, but that doesn't work for my project for any other reason. HTML5 works fine, but I need iAd and IAP support).

Many thanks for any answer,
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I would recommend you to move to Intel XDK export, and use cranberrygame IAP plugin.
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