How Do I keep my frog from falling?

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Post » Mon Mar 31, 2014 8:37 pm

¡Hi there! Im super noob, and after the beginners tutorials i started a more complex project, to keep learning. Im loving Construct 2. This is GatoLoco: ... index.html

So far, so good... but... I have a problem, I want a frog to jump from one platform to another. This is the logic, and it works fine until it fails.



Sometimes the frog fails to jump, even if there is a colision with "saposalto". I put 3 saposalto objects in line, so if one fail there are others, but the problem continues.

I know placing three saposalto objects for each jump is kind of gross, but i was trying to understand why the frog fails to collision with saposalto and falls, and if that was a workaround (but no).

Can somebody help me? Is there a more easy way to do this? Thanks!
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