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Post » Thu Sep 03, 2015 6:50 pm

Hello guys,

I want to add a function to my game checking on the start if a new version of a json file is available.
I'm using that json file to store my dialogs. But I don't want to update my game every time I changed something to it.

So I'm looking for a function checking on start of the layout if the file at the server is newer than the one in the project (maybe via an version ID stored in the json file or name).
Then if the file at the server is newer it should download it and store it (localstorage or better directly on the device and replace the old one).

The problem is I need this for an android game. I'm not sure if this will work ;)

Many thanks guys!

Here is a prepared capx file, not much, but a start: ... .capx?dl=0
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