How do I load variables from an external file?

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I am making a card game in which you can create custom sets. Once you create these custom words, each is set as a variable and then used in the game.

I would like to make the card set creator to be separate application, so the basic idea would be:

- Make set in card set creator
- Save set under a name
- Then in the actual game, on load up game should be able to recognize if there is a saved set and add it to a list of choose-able sets.

Does anyone know the best way to go about this?

I think as i want the player to able to choose their own save name, I will have to create a saves folder in which the main application can search for files in?

Any advice welcomed

Thanks all
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Post » Mon Apr 03, 2017 4:40 pm

Some starting advice:
Look into utilizing arrays or dictionaries, either combined with loading from json/localstorage. Dictionaries are a better option here, personally, as they're easier to understand and learn plus they can fulfill almost any use you'd need for arrays (such as data-storage) unless you specifically need to loop array values, for whatever functions they hold.

Look up stuff on the forums for how to use arrays and dictionaries, and also check out the tutorials section.
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