How do I make a bullet go around a solid and not bounce?

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Post » Sat Jun 10, 2017 9:28 pm

First of all, thank you for the attention.
Here is my problem, I have a character that moves towards my touch position by angle and bullet behaviour, and in this case, it's set like this:

Touch: Is in touch
Set *character* angle toward (Touch.X, Touch.Y)
Set *character* Bullet speed to 130
Set *character* animation to "Moving" (Play from beginning)

Set *character* Bullet speed to 0
Set *character* animation to "Stopped" (play from beginning)


Well, the option "Bounce off solids" is enabled in my character's sprite, and I don't want it to bounce because when it touches a barrier, it sort of "boosts its speed" due to its bouncing movement, so I would like it to touch the solid, but not to bounce, how could I do this? Both sprites "character" and "barrier" are solids, and when "Bounce off solids" is off, it just ignores the barrier, and I don't want to set the speed of the"character" to 0 when it collides or overlaps "barrier" because it will no longer move at all.
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Post » Sun Jun 11, 2017 4:55 am

If i understood you correctly you want to bounce on some objects but not on others.

You could then either:

A) Turn off bounce and manually simulate bounce only on the object you want, such as giving X speed or force on collision with specific objects.

B) Turn on bounce but for the objects you want to avoid set a detection that once your player comes close to a certain object he gets pushed to the side or disable his movement in that direction while allowing him to walk away or set that speed to zero which you did not want but only for 1-2 seconds
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