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Post » Tue Apr 01, 2014 11:00 am

Hello Everyone!
When I first saw "Line Of Sight" plugin I coud not expect that it works for hot-spot (Origin) detection. It means that "line of sight" can not detect even very big target object if there is a little obstacle between "line of sight" and target objects.

This is not so good. Especially when you need to calculate a blast-wave of grenade (for example). Cause it's requires "line of sight" to be a "Field of Sight". Another words it requires per-pixel detection but not just straight line between two objects.

Is there any way to create the effect of "Feild of Sight" (something like raycast)?
Maybe plugin?

I created this topic not because of my needs but also cause I think that solving this problem can make C2 developers life easier.
Thanks for advance.
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