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Post » Tue Sep 20, 2016 1:53 pm

I'm designing an activity for one of my classes on the scientific method. Part of the scientific method includes analyzing and displaying data. I would like them to use a scatter plot to display the decline of bees over the last 7 years (data range we've got access to). The tricky part is that their independent variables (on the y-axis) could have different variables and this different increments. I was thinking having them to it in Excel, but the rest of the activity lends itself well to Construct 2 so I'd like to keep everything there. Is there an easy way to build a flexible graph in Construct 2 OR drag an Excel graph into the activity?

Update: I think I can get around the fact their increments will be different on the Y-axis by including a set number of text boxes they can enter their scale for. So I guess all I would need is allowing them to draw on the graph to plot their points. I've thought about making 7 circles (one for each year) that they can drag where they need to go, but I'd prefer them to draw their points themselves. Not a big deal either way, just my preference ;)
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