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Post » Sun Mar 23, 2014 12:23 am

The real quastion should be: is it possible?

For everyone that is confused about what I am talking about.

I need an editor for a specific wargame called Mayhem. It is an very open system with a lot of possibilities. More than Excel can handle I fear.

So what do i need:

- Creating Units with profiles, equipment, traits and there respektive points costs.
- Creating Templates from these Units
- Use the templates to build an Army
- There're rules and conditions that interakt with each other.
- a good way to expand the existing building blocks with future add ons
- save and load armys/templates
- printable army list

I have no real coding expirience. I would like it multiplatform or for the web.
Should i learn to code or is it possible?

It is nor unlike a rpg system. But it will need lots of text and lists. I am sure it can be done. But I don#t know where to start or if I should use a different tool.
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