How do I make Inventory array system like FF7 and beyond

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Post » Wed Aug 27, 2014 7:39 pm

I looked all over net and i can't code it lost
I wanna give example....if anyone can help me i would be grateful.

Here is example of How it should look;

Sprite ------ Name ------- Quantity

But using sprite sheet for items and armors and stuff like it. i did search forum and found some just i want to have 1 row instead of 2 sided rows.
Like this one from different post : called Simple RPG Item Menu
he used 2 rows ..i wanna have 1 and with same description.
Now qty shouldn't be displaying x0 or any number at all it should be invisible if is 0
If it's greater than 0 it should be visible.

Also this no picking items form ground rather buying form some shop keeper and getting drops form mobs.

If anyone can provide me with capx so i can study it i would be in great debt :)
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