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Post » Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:45 pm

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Hi there, so I'm new in the community and I just got here because I'm working on a game and pretty excited about but the thing is I'm more of a creative/non-programming Game Designer and Construct 2 has been a huuuuuge tool for me.

The thing is, I'm making a Smash like game and I need some help with the behaviours of my characters. I want them to attack while moving but they seem unable to stop one animation or have one over the other and I nee help with it.

Any kind of advice I'll be glad to make it happen to make a better game.

Thanks in advance.

You can download the complete package in here!3cllRaLZ!Bg9I8ij8-tQGVob6gzcbMDVHiJu8F0JrN27nVrPYvcY
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