How do I make my avatar jump properly?

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Post » Wed Jun 22, 2016 2:31 am

Hello people,

I am still quite new to construct 2 and I am facing some problem which i have no idea how to solve it. So, currently, I am making a game where my character jumps over landmine upon clicking. Basically it involves the avatar jumping over many landmines to reach the goal. The problem is, whenever i clicked too many times, my avatar will sort of move out of the desired position, and thus hitting the landmine. Please advice! Thanks

*Here's what i did for the avatar when it jumps and land on a safe platform:*

I set platform and bullet for the avatar, set the desired jump strength and speed etc. On the safe platform, i created invisible sprite so that when my avatar is "on collision" with it, it stops moving until i hit left click to jump to the next safe platform. The problem occur when i spam left click without waiting for my avatar to land.
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