How do I make my games work when exporting to CocoonJS?

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Post » Wed Jan 13, 2016 10:09 pm

Hi, i been searching on the forum and on google but i cant find a tutorial or a guide that is update, everything is kinda old.

This are the steps that im following:
1- Export my construct 2 project as Cordova.
2- When the export is completed, i make a zip file of the folder that i choose when exporting.
3- I grab that zip file and put it into my phone
4- I open the CocoonJS Launcher on my phone and i search for the zip file.
5- I open the zip file and select Canvas+ as Webview Engine.
6- I get a black screen with the following error :

Sorry for my bad english im not a native speaker, i hope that someone can help me. Thanks
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