How do I make my in game level editor to worck

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Post » Sat Mar 05, 2016 5:31 pm

Okay so i have a game most like a test which has an in level editor wich allows you to make your own levels and play them

so i have it like this

there is a menu layout which has a Play level set neam for level and create level

then afther the name has ben set it jumps to the editor layout

so i made a system that dosent worck so when you press play levels the variable editor lock to 1 which disables level editing

but when you press the create level the editor lock is set to 0 making the variable editor 1 so is editable

the point is whenever i press the play level and then the E key to edit it jumps to editing when is not suposed to do that

sorry for bad englysh

Any help :?:
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