How do I make sub-event related to main event?

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Post » Sat May 10, 2014 7:11 am

I am looking for something like Jquery doing clearly, for example:

$("ThisObject") on collision with $("ThatOne")
- $(This) Set X

Where $(This) would be $("ThisObject") in this situation.

My case is, I am using Clone Object. I have many $("ThisObject") in my Layout and I can't really figure out how to get $("ThisObject").X on collision.

Or, an other way to see my problem is: How can I manage Clone object separatly? If the player collide one of the clone, I want to check from where it collide (left or Right) then do something. Problem is I can not find how to compare X with This clone.

I hope I made it clear :(

Thank you !
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