How do I make the correct leaderboard appear below my game?

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Post » Fri Sep 16, 2016 8:40 am


This may or may not be a bug with the Scirra Arcade. I made a quick game for the people at work to compete for a high score on, but on death (when the score is sent to the table) the leaderboard that loads seems to be for a completely different game. The scores are compared on lowest strokes where mine uses highest points, and it is full of entries from before I even uploaded the game.

Any suggestions as to why that may be/how to fix it?

Game here: arcade/other-games/wowlsgame1-10989

And I don't think you'll need it but the capx can be found on dropbox here: /s/jrqmjhijbh1rk1k/0.0.5.capx?dl=0

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