How do I make the curved ball moving by the curved touch

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Post » Sun Oct 11, 2015 7:34 am

LittleStain wrote:Seems to me @alextro has given you a great starting point..
What you have to do now, is adjust things so they suit you better..

"my 1st trouble is all the ball will have the same move"

It's unclear if you want to have the same move or not..
If not you could add randomness or adjust per ball depending on your requirements..

"If I use just 3 point like your capx file , I just only make a banana move"

You might want to try adding more points, although the math will probably become a bit more complicated..

@LittleStain : thanks I will try to learn about @alextro file. .
I want to have not the same move. Im finding the way to adjust per ball but now I still stucked.
And when I want to use more point, example 100 point, It's seem hard to me. But I will try .

I was a beginer of construct 2 for 2 months ago, this is my first game, first code.
May be I need more time to learn. :geek:
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Post » Sun Oct 11, 2015 10:20 am

Take your time and you will start to understand your stuff as you worked for each project even the simple one.
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