How do I make the Touch.Alpha work?

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Post » Tue Feb 10, 2015 3:20 am

I am making a game that has accelerometer/inclinometer controls like a compass (gameplay: rotating your mobile device like how you would use a compass), so gameplay is using pure Touch.Alpha (Z/Compass Rotation) and does not use Beta or Gamma at all.

When I export with Cordova and import it to Intel XDK with only the plugins: Admob and Compass (No Accelerometer) and test it on the emulator, it works perfectly.

But when I build for Crosswalk with Android and download the .apk (arm) file to a Samsung Galaxy Tablet and a Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone, the Gamma (tilt left and right) affects my alpha rotation and my alpha rotation also does not function properly because it jumps all over the place and is very slow when responding to the angles set.

This is the Touch.Alpha component of my game:

Every Tick - System - Set Layer 0 to Touch.Alpha degrees.

The goal of this line is to have my layer 0 (and its objects) to always be vertical even though the device is rotating.

Am I doing anything wrong or missing something important? Please help, thank you.
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