How do I make top down enemies collide smoothly?

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Post » Tue Nov 29, 2016 7:15 pm

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I'm trying to create a top down shooter where lots of enemies chase the players at once. I want the enemies to collide because if they don't they clump up and are easy to kill, However letting the enemies collide causes problems. When they collide they often bounce off each other and teleport around. How can I make it so the enemies don't bounce or teleport when touching? I've tried changing the collision polygons into multiple shapes which did not work. I've seen tutorials where the enemies stop if they collide then move towards the player again, but for my game this is too slow paced and easy. I want enemies, and the player to be constantly moving. ... FMRWs/view This is the capx. If it does not work let me know.
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