How do I Multiplayer without Internet?

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Post » Sat Aug 09, 2014 8:01 pm

I have two apps that are running on the same Windows machine. I need to pass data between them as fast as possible.

The new Multiplayer seems like it would be easier to work with than WebSockets/node.js/ as I know nothing about any of that and the learning curve is not exactly easy.

My problem with Multiplayer is the Windows machine has no network. No internet, no intranet, noLAN, no WAN. So connecting to wss:// is not going to work. I need to stay local to

Can I use Multiplayer in a pure peer-to-peer setup or even better: between two peers on the same host?

Is this overkill when all I really need to do is pass 2 or 4 variables between the two apps as remote triggers?

Is there a better way to pass some simple data between the apps?
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