How do I - Pick amount of objects, based on a slider value.

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Post » Wed Jul 08, 2015 8:03 pm

Hello - hope someone can help me along my way here.

In my game the player can spawn 4 classes of "planes" - and X amount of squads.

To make it simple, i have cut it down to 1 class "FIGHTER" which is the sprite.
To make it simple, i have cut it down to 1 Squad "SQUAD 1". where the slider is located.

What i wanna be able to do - is to only command the amount of "FIGHTERS" the "SLIDER" is set to.

Scenario :
I got 5 FIGHTERS and the SLIDER is set to 3 - SQUAD 1 would consist of 3 FIGHTERS that i could order around.

Capx (Note: i clean it of most other stuff that is not relevant, and added comments)
Squad management based on sliders

Hoping someone can shred some lights on this - thank you :)
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