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Post » Fri Feb 10, 2017 11:31 pm

I noticed with the recent ios 10 upgrade that no longer does playing iphone songs in a construct 2 to game work. Instead the construct 2 in game music i have set overwrites the itunes library songs or and song from a outside app.

To explain: Lets say i am to playing a song from my itunes library and i go to the contruct 2 game thats playing its own in game music. Even if i disable the in game song from playing. The Itunes song will stop playing once i enter the construct 2 app.

I have tried everything to fix this but i cant for some reason. And this is a problem if someone doesn't want to listen to the in-game music i have set, and instead want to play there own they wont be able to because of this bug. :(
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