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Post » Thu Sep 07, 2017 1:42 pm

Hello devs, im doing one project with C2 and I only have problems with sounds on iOs (iPhone5, 10.3.3).
I have prepared all sounds that im gonna use as .wav format and set bitrate to 48000. When i import them in construct it convert them to .m4a and .ogg and all looks grat. When project is exported as HTML5 it runs perfectly on Android and chrome, but playing only few sounds on iOs and safari.

here is 2 link that i can provide to see the difference. is the site to test sounds. its playing all sounds on android and in chrome, but there is 2 sounds that are not playing on iOs and safari and thats the sound when ball hits the ground and when opponent return the ball(smash with racket).

Next week i will have publishing (this game is part of microsite) and it will mostly be played on iOs so i dont know what to do anymore and how to tackle this topic.

I hate that all is good on Android but iOs is such a pain in the ass...

If anyone can help i will buy him a beer. Cheers!
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