How do I properly stack sprites on top of each other?

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Post » Wed Mar 29, 2017 5:21 am

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so i'm currently trying to make a game which involves stacking sprites (in this case, boxes) on top of each other by catching them, you can get the sample i made here!Audt-JfwoahjgaQrue7FkKkceORmiQ

in summary, this is what i did :
- generate the box on top of the canvas
- when the box came in contact with the player or another box, it pins to the object it touches (in order to stick the box to the other object)
- when the "stack" reaches 10 boxes, destroy the stacked boxes

what i want to do :
- how to make the box fall off when it only touches less than half of the box's width? i tried with the physics but doesn't work at all

Yes, i know i'm not good at explaining and my english is not that good as well. So if there's something unclear just ask, I'll be glad to provide more information regarding this problem. Thanks :D
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