How do I put ads in my Windows 8.1/Windows Phone 8.1 app?

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I've been playing with the free version of Construct 2 for a while and I really like it, and I'm nearly impressed enough to actually buy a personal license. However, there are some things I would like to know that have not been discussed at all in any of the tutorials/manuals/forum posts, and it kind of frustrates me.

Here's my issue: Can I include ads in Windows 8.1/Windows Phone 8.1 games using Construct 2? I am well aware that these are possible for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, as evidenced by the following articles/tutorials I came across:however, all of these pertain to Win/WP 8.0 and NOT 8.1, but both my phone and tablet-PC have already been upgraded to 8.1 and as such, I am interested in developing for this latest version of the OS.

I am also aware that the addition of ads can be achieved in Visual Studio by typing out some code, however I have not seen an in-depth article that describes exactly how to do it the way I want it to (I plan to make my game free but with ad support, and offer an option to remove the ads through an in-app purchase -- the only article I saw on MSDN discussed how to include ads, but there were no details on how these ads can be removed via in-app purchase).

Has anyone in here been able to do this? Please, please share how you did it. If it's not possible using Construct 2, please share the detailed steps on how to achieve it in a Construct 2 project exported to Visual Studio 2013.

Thank you very much and I hope someone responds to this post.

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Yeah, I was looking for this too
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