How do I release a filechooser image?

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Post » Sat Dec 20, 2014 8:37 am

So, I have the following sequence:

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local variable current_file = 0
Filechooser -> On changed
  - PhotoField -> Load image from filechooser.FileURLAt(current_file)
  - System -> Add 1 to current_file

This way the user can load a new image to replace the previous one. But if I add

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Filechooser -> release file(filechooser.FileURLAt(current_file-1))

to release the previous file the image doesn't load at all. What should I do to be able to replace the previous image with another and release the previous one?
Also I feel I shouldn't be adding urls to filechooser but replacing the url at (0). However, any attempt to do so results in the image not changing or not loading.
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