How do I Remove Cordova "Device Ready" Screen?

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Post » Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:27 pm


I have been working on exporting my C2 game to Android through Cordova. I used to use Intel XDK until it was shut down. :( Now, I have been natively going through the command prompt (Windows 10) with npm to build into an APK. It worked fine the first couple times, but then this last time, the app had the default Cordova icon and when started, it pulled up a "Device Ready" screen with the Cordova logo on it. The only answer I could find had something to do with exclusion filters on Eclipse, but there are 15 or so "flavors" of Eclipse, and I don't know what an exclusion filter is. Also, are apps built like this ready for deployment? Should I lock them with a signer?

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