How do I save the game (dictionary,webstorage,AsJSON)

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Post » Tue Dec 23, 2014 7:40 pm

I'm having a hard time to understand all the steps using the dictionary, webstorage and AsJSON. I've already read the manuals and I didn't get much.

My save game will be the same as the angry bird game style.

So I've created a couple variables that will temporarily store all the values that I need to calculate the player's score, then I save it to a dictionary. After that I have no clue how to save the game using dictionary information using webstorage and load it when needed, in order to unlock the touchable buttons of it level of the game.

Edit: Also I don't want to save all the state of the game, only the dictionary content, which will unlock all the levels by asking, if level name is stored, them unlock it and show it's score.
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