How do I set the scale of the camera?

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Post » Sat Oct 25, 2014 4:45 pm

I am trying to get a simple project started up in Construct2, but don't know how to stop the camera zooming in on my game. I made the size of my game 1280x720, but it seems to be zoomed in on the room, and the sprites look scary up close. How can I change this so that the camera encompasses the entire room?

Also, despite the fact that I made the room size 1280x720, Construct 2 instists on not dragging part of the scene off-screen when editing and I can't scroll to get to it. Help me on this to please?
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Post » Sat Oct 25, 2014 6:17 pm

read the manual. do tutorials. search the forum.

is that your layout or window size?
do you know the difference?
if not, find out. then come back and ask if you still don't get it.

and to answer your question: system--set layout scale.
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