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Post » Wed Dec 30, 2015 8:18 am

I'm developing an iOS game, in that I need the app to record the users' phone screen and send it to my mail ID. If the screen recording doesn't work, at least I need the couple of screenshots of the users' phone screen and send them to my mail ID. Below are things I need

⁃ send the video to my email similar to the way a form would be sent with an attachment on a website where the email is being sent from the website rather than from another email.
- The video must be attached to the email as a video format that can open and play using a standard video viewing application such as the application QuickTime player on the Mac.
⁃ Remember that this is not being sent as a sent email through the user’s logged in email on apple’s built in app “Mail”. It is being sent like a form on a website that has text fields and the ability to attach a file.

If not, I need the same with at least screenshots.

I followed few tutorials but they aren't working. The tutorials used webstorage but now we have only local storage.

Could someone help me with step to step on the process?
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