How do I simulate a force like a bow string by fast clicking

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Post » Wed Oct 19, 2016 10:08 am

Hi all!

Here is what I would like to achieve :

I have a square on the left of the screen and I would like to move it to the right more and more by clicking fast on my mouse button and if I stop clicking it comes back to its initial position. But the more it moves to the right, the faster I need to click until it becomes alsmot impossible to move it further.

Just like the string of a bow that becomes harder and harder to pull.

If I slow down the clicking the square should lose ground and if I completely stop clicking it comes back completely to the left.

I imagine that maybe I should count the number of time I click on the mouse per second and let's say if I click 5 times per second then my square is at 50% of the width of the screen but if I click 6 times per s then it reach 60% of the width. Or maybe it's possible to do that with physics to have a more realistic feeling?

Thanks for any help!
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