How do I stop this weird offset appearing in my tilemaps?

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Post » Fri Oct 06, 2017 7:13 am

Hi there, i'm having real troubles with the tilemap object. I have created a tilemap that contains 32x32 tiles, however when I import that into Construct 2 (latest version) the tilemap selection tool shows a very strange offset. All offsets within Construct 2 are set to zero, and the height and width of the tiles is correct too. Here are some screenshots ...


As you can (hopefully) see in the screenshot above there is, what seems to be, a 0.5 pixel offset happening. However the tilemaps were created on a strict 32x32 grid in photoshop and are 640x640 so are well within Construct 2's limitations.


Here are the tilemap settings

As a point of note, this is only seeming to happen in the editor. The actual game seems to be fine.

Please help!
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