How do I stop/continue dialogs when the box is full usin xml

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Post » Thu Aug 20, 2015 8:13 am

This is what i want to achieve:

- Load dialogs from an .xml and show in the dialog box using spritefont as text with a typewitter effect (Done!)

- If the dialog is too long stop the typewritter effect, erase the content and continue from the begining with the next dialogue part.
(Wip, i can erase the text and start at the begining but not continue with the next part of the text)

- Stop when a node/PJJ finish the dialogue and press X to continue with the next part of this dialogue (I have not idea how to do that XD)

Some bugs:
When starts do a return and starts to appear the text, Why the return/newline ¿?

Here the capx:

There is no plugin/behaviour for RPG dialogues or something?
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