How do I store 2 diff value using local storage

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Post » Sat May 09, 2015 9:54 am


I was just playing with local storage for some time but didn't uderstand the way it works also searched tutorial section, their wasn't any help there ......

So thought to put my queries here .....

So my purpose of using local storage is to save two different value ....

Example -

- Total Coin Earned (that would be used to purchased items from shop)
- Energy ( A value that would be totally would only increase once a certain item is picked in a level ( but its not compulsary) )

So I want to save both values side by side either using jason or array but have no clue how to use them . Also the total coin value would always increase or decrease based on game play & coin purchase from shop or decrease if the coins are used to purchase any inapp purchase ...... so in whole the total coin value is IMP .....

But I have to store both values to unlock certain items later in game .....

So if anyone can help me with this small problem .... or link me to few tutorials that would help me to get through this problems .....

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