How do I successfully push X and Y values onto an array?

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Post » Sun Jul 24, 2016 5:40 pm

I've quite a bit of programming experience but having a real mental block when it comes to arrays in Construct 2.

I have two values from a coordinate on screen - an X and Y where the user clicked. I want to store them in an 5-1-1 array.

My thought is to front push an X value and then a Y value but that doesn't provide the expected results. After 1 click this is what I have:

Element Data
0 700, 1200
1 700, 0
2 700, 0
3 700, 0
4 700, 0
5 700, 0

I'm really confused because I would expect that I have one element with the first two values and that is is. If I click again I get:

0 700,1200,1200
1 700,700,1200
2 700,700,0
3 700,700,0
4 700,700,0
5 700,700,0

I think I understand what is happening however I can't use this method for storing waypoints in an array. Should I have two separate arrays an X and Y or use a different method (insert / set at) to set the values?
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Post » Sun Jul 24, 2016 6:06 pm

You can push X, but then you have to set Y explicitly, at the newly pushed index (0 if pushing from the front, or Width-1 if from the bottom).
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