How do I to export to Android with GooglePlay Services?

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Post » Tue Mar 24, 2015 11:57 pm

When i export to Cordova->Intel XDK for upload to Android, the Google Services doesn´t work. If i export for HTML5 an i upload to my hosting, it works fine.

I go to explain what i do to export Android. Maybe i do something wrong.

1. i copy and paste from game services ->vinculated aplications->android, ID aplication and ID client Oauth2. Copy the package name too.

2. Then i export as Cordova

3. i open intel XDK ->start a new project-> i choose folder and write a project name.

4.a dialog appears with options:
source directory -> (i dont write anything)
cordova hibrid app project? -> i select YES (im not sure if i do correctly)
game project? -> i select NO (becose i don´t know that i have to write)

5. i do clic on the top, left of screen for options.
On standard plugins(on the left): i select all of them
On Custom plugins (on the right): GooglePlay Game Services and then i paste the aplication ID (not the OAuth2)

6. Then on "build settings", i fill the android-crosswalk section (i fill this just in case, becose i sign and align the apk with other method):
/name, etc./ version ->1 more than before(ex: 0.0.7),/fullscreen, landscape/version code ->1 more (ex:6)/
Then i DESELECT signed. Crosswalk version 10.

7. I fill icons, etc

8. Then i clic "build" and select crosswalk for android

9. i download the file and i sign it with "apk signer 1.8.5". Then i align it with same program.

10. After that, i submit the new version to GooglePlay Developer.

11. Few minutes/hours after, the new version is ready to download. But GooglePlay services doesn´t work.

What im doing wrong?
Thank you so much!
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