How do I transition area?

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Post » Wed Jan 25, 2017 1:50 am

Greetings there! ^_^
Okay, so i have a big question here! ^_^

So, i have several Layouts, from point A to B and so on, and inbetween these areas, i thought i'd create a 'transition area' - If you have played Castlevania games then u know what im talking about. It's its an 'area' that connects to a different area, and is mainly used as a 'neutral' environmental area.

So the big ''confusion'' is; since the 'Transition' area is just 1 and will be used many times between areas, then it is best to just go with one. Now the problem is; it becomes difficult to connect the next area, as you leave an 'area' into the 'trans' area, depending on the area whether its north/east/south, u'd need a variable for that, so when u exit the 'trans' area, depending on the variable, ur next destination will be. Since the same 'trans' area is used between every map layout, then the variable will vary all the time.

So the hard part here is; since some of the layouts has several entry points.. It becomes hard connect it to the specific area and setting the position, aie if u come from top or bottom or right, on that same layout, then the position needs to be at that position.

Is there any easy method to do this? To implement this 'transition' area? Or is the only hard way, which is to add a variable on every exit and somehow combine it with every entry on to layout to set the correct entrance position?

Thanks so far ^_^
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Post » Wed Jan 25, 2017 1:58 am

Yes- the hard way is not so hard. You can use a variable or create door/switch for each path linked to the path they will go to next.

I prefer collision switches for games with moving characters.
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