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Post » Sun Jan 29, 2017 12:29 pm

So i have sprite name finger that follow my mouse cursor using drag and drop behavior

I have 3 sprite which is
point1 , point2 , point3

Point1 with inst variable = 0 <--- this is where the sprite finger stay after overlap with other point

Point2 with inst variable = 1
Point3 with inst variable = 2

And another 2 sprite which is attack1 and attack2 that set to invisible
And my global variable name counting = 0

And when finger overlap with point 2 set global variable to 1
And when global viariable equal to 1 : set sprite attack1 to visible
wait 0.2 sec set it back to invisible and set globa var to 0
And set drop where finger go back to point1

And when finger overlap with point 3 (it has to go through point 2) add 2 to global variable so it will be 3 right?
And when global var equal to 3 : set sprite attack2 to visible and wait 0.2 sec set it back to invisible and set drop.

My problem is how do i make if the finger go through point 2 and 3 WITHIN 0.5 sec it will not set the attack1 to visible and it only set attack2 to visible?

I already make wait 0.5sec action when finger overlap with point 2 and after that set attack 1 to visible
And somehow even if i go to point 3 under 0.5sec it will set attack1 to visible and after that attack2 to visible.

Can someone help me how to do it? If global var = to 3 within 0.5sec set attack2 to visible only instead of attack1 also
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Post » Sun Jan 29, 2017 2:00 pm

@allevlativ sounds like you need to look at using the Timer behaviour on your objects instead of using Wait in your event logic. Can you supply a capx?
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