How do I upgrade to r212.2 Steam purchase

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Post » Sun Sep 13, 2015 4:11 pm


Problem is this ...

I first downloaded the free version of CS2 from the Scirra site.
than I purchased my personal Lis version from my Steam Account

now today, I'm having problem opening a capx file sent to me
because it was made with a later version r212.2 or 213 (as the error message says)

wouldn't Steam automatically update me to the latest version?

I downloaded the new r212.2 version off of Scirra, just so I can look and test
an idea for an associates game .... what am I missing? I don't need two of these programs on my system.

when Scirra downloaded of the new r212.2 version it recognized its first older free version
and removed it before loading in the upgrade. I was able to open my associates file and test the game.

Was purchasing the software off of Steam a mistake? will Steam eventually get the upgrade,
and follow up at my end? Any feedback would be welcomed.
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