How do I use correctly the BlackBerry 10 Plugin

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Post » Fri Jan 03, 2014 6:27 am

I wanna know how to use it the right way to make a BBM Integration "update a personal message" because i'm not sure if what i'm doing it's fine

Kind of this...

System --> On Loader Layout Complete --> BlackBerry --> Register with BBM /*as i read this have to run before to any other method i'm not quite sure*/

BlackBerry --> OnRegisterSuccess --> BBMButton --> Set Reg to True

Touch --> On Touched BBMButton     | --> BlackBerry --> Set personal message "It works!!!"
BBMButton --> Is Reg                         |Rapzuz2014-01-03 06:28:18
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Post » Fri Jan 17, 2014 8:05 am


Actually it's ok that way you have to use the Register Method first to be able to use any other Method of the Blackberry 10 Plugin.

A few more things to check out if you wanna test it before...

First you need a few tools i guees you already have WebWorks 1.0 on your computer and the signing keys, so now you need 2 more things a VMWare Player you can get it from here:

filehippo. com/ es/ download_vmware_player/

And the simulator:

developer.blackberry .com /devzone/develop/simulator/ bb10allsimversions.html/

I recommend the last versin :)

After this you have to create a Blackberry ID:

blackberryid.blackberry .com/bbid /createaccount

and finally you have to "mount your own BBM Server" or something like that...

developer.blackberry .com/native/documentation /cascades/device_platform/bbm /bbmsp_testing_bbm_app_dev_alpha_simulator.html

don't worry looks like the... but it's easy xD

abour the new release of WebWorks SDK 2.0 there is more information on the next link:

supportforums.blackberry .com/t5/ Web-and-WebWorks-Development /Construct-2-Webworks-SDK-2-0/td-p/2704887

I'll try to make a entire new post explaining all the sttuf, but by now i'm on rush so i hope this help you and if you have any problem i'll try to answer faster as i can :)

A couple of more tips when you try to run your application on the simulator if the screen is black it's because you ENABLE the WebGL so put this option to "Off" to Disable it, and don't minify the Script because this makes the Plugin useless, so be aware of this :)

See you

Note: The links have some spaces i really sorry about that but i guees it's the only way i can do this by now.
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