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Post » Thu May 29, 2014 8:42 am

Hi Everyone,

As seen here: There's a special set of URL codes that allow IOS devices to trigger the opening of other apps if they are installed, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Has anyone got this working with C2?

Specifically, I've been using the standard URL structure supported by normal web/Facebook so that the player of the game can post their high score etc in a fairly automated way.

Here's what I'm currently using: ...!

This works, great, but of course is completely through a browser and does not use the actual app, which my client would prefer.

I've not yet had any luck combining any of the possible FB// based url's in the link I provided above with the current browser based URL I'm using now... does anyone have more experience or expertise with this that can shed some lite on this puzzle for me?

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