How do I use variables on "Set text" and get the action

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Post » Tue Sep 08, 2015 10:13 am

Sorry for the tittle, but with my english i don't know how explain it :S .

I'm triying to do some actions more readable so i tried to use Global Variables but i have a problem in one that i have to set a text.

In this case i have Four variables: Language&dialog&line&end

This is what above variables out: xml.StringValue("/en_lang"&"/dogdialog/line1")

If on "Set text" action i put: xml.StringValue("/en_lang"&"/dogdialog/line1"). Correct, in the game appears the first dialog.

But if on "set text" i put the "Language&dialog&line&end" the text is: xml.StringValue("/en_lang"&"/dogdialog/line1.

Is there any way to put in the "set text" my variables and get the first dialog instead the "xml.stringvalue,etc..." ?

The line on "set text", will be more bigger and hard to read, so my idea is use variables to be more short and readable but seems is not possible?
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Post » Wed Sep 09, 2015 1:19 am

what are you trying to do in first place ? cause from my point of view you seek for very complicated way to do something but i don't really know what.

Sometimes it's just the name of the variable witch is used by another things and made some conflict. also why not using dictionnary or array to store your dialog ?

Sorry if i don't understand your problem.

Ps: i love your blog !
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