How do I warp dynamically a sprite ?

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Post » Thu May 11, 2017 2:41 pm

Hi folks,

I'm working on a game in which the player have to perform actions with a hand on a character's face.

Now, I want the player to be able to grab some of the character's face assets and deform them like in Super Mario 64 :

One of the things I've looked for was to warp sprites like you do in Photoshop.
But I haven't found anything that fits me so far.

Question 1 : How do I proceed to recreate this effect ?

Also, since I couldn't make this work, I've tried to adjust width and height of the sprite dynamically after I've clicked on it.
This time, the problem is that width and height are scaled from the sprite's origin point.

If the origin point is on the left, I can scale it to the right.
If the origin point is on the right, I can scale it to the left.
If the origin point is on the middle, I can scale to both sides in the same time.
BUT, I can't adjust the side on each side separately with one sprite only.

Question 2 : How do I proceed to scale a sprite on each sides separately ?

Thanks a lot ! Sorry for my bad English
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