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Post » Tue Nov 11, 2014 11:23 am

I have some questions. Can someone help me please?

1) Why sometimes is fast movement not smooth even with 60fps? If you create "hockey" arena and small ball inside (walls have Solid behaviour) with Bullet behaviour - for example speed to 1000. Smooth of movement change (not speed) and it looks bad. Debug and FPS not show anything wrong. Is it normal? Tested in Chrome, Opera, Firefox.

2) Send to Peer work only as Host. If you are Peer and want send message directly to another Peer, message not arrive. Only from Host. Should it work for Peer too?

3) Multiplayer plugin - does it use public Google STUN servers by defult? Iam not good reverse engineer but looks like yes if I look to c2mp.js files. Or should I use Add ICE server instead?

Sorry for my bad English Language.
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