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hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to check this out. So...on to the problem.

I've decided to develop a game that I guess is simple in design but complex in structure....if that makes any sense. Essentially, its a dungeon crawler/rogue-like/zelda game. So....gauntlet and Zelda got in bed and half way through Rogue was like,"rome for one more" and though zelda was hesitant at first she warm.....nvm, going off tangent.

So after trying my own thing and failing miserably, I decided to check out the tuts and found to promising tutorials for one of my obsticles: the world or dungeon and how its generated.

link here



with respect to both, very awesome tuts and I mainly used the later only because of its simplicity and ease of tweakness I guess. Though I have not strayed to far off the initial code, the few problems i need to solve are the following.

  • 1. When the rooms are generated, is it possible to instead draw from a select set of sizes. Right now I'm generated rooms which are between (128,320) in the Width and Height. So that I don't end with too small a room and to large a room.

    An alternative::: I was thinking that perhaps it would be easier to generate a sprite with different animations set to different styles of rooms. I was also thinking these could house points where things like doors or other things could be spawned. Making it not only easier on where doors or items could go, but creating corridors that lead to rooms or just spawn an adjacent room. Any thoughts?
  • 2. Overlap: I keep getting rooms that end up overlapping each other. I've been trying to come up with a formula or set of events that check for each instance if they are overlapping. IF they are, then maybe the following would work
    Code: Select all
    room1.width + (room2.width/2)
    . I just can't seem to figure out how to implement it.

So, yeah any help would be fine. I can post my CAPX if needed. Also, bear in mind I have the free version..I can't afford the main version yet.
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