How is FullHD res going to play on lower res mobiles?

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Post » Mon Feb 09, 2015 4:12 pm

While I'm sure low res game to be played on higher res mobile will get stretched, I'm not quite sure with the other way around.

How is 1080p res(resolution) going to play on lower mobile resolutions like 480p. Let's say it's both same aspect ration 16:9.

Hows the image quality/performance/window size/etc.

I'm new but read tutorials and manuals here. Though haven't seen any info about this, or maybe I didn't understand it well enough. Help, thanks in advance.
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Post » Tue Feb 10, 2015 4:16 am

This depends on how you set your game to display. See ... reen-sizes

You could have a screen that cropped up and displayed only a part of your game or you could have the whole game scaled down to fit the screen with or without respect to aspect ratio.

Image quality would depend on how you set C2 to render. See the text below from

Choose between linear (smooth) and point (pixellated) sampling when resizing images. Linear is recommended for modern games with hi-res graphics, and point is better suited to retro games with blocky pixel art.

Adjusts the tradeoff between rendering quality and memory use when resizing images to smaller than their original size (downscaling). The options are:
Low quality: mipmaps are disabled (reducing memory use), but downscaled sprites may appear blocky or pixellated
Medium quality: mipmaps are enabled. Downscaling sprites generally looks better.
High quality: mipmaps are enabled and the spritesheet after export pads out all images to power-of-two sizes. This can significantly increase memory use, but can resolve two minor rendering issues: light fringing that can sometimes occur along the borders of downscaled objects, or a quality change in the last frame of an animation. Do not use this mode unless a rendering artefact is specifically observed and selecting this mode can be observed to resolve it: the increased memory usage can be very significant, and is not a cost that should be added for no reason. For more information see Memory usage.


Does this answer your question?
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